Saturday, 15th June, 2024
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There are times when we may come to our wits’ end, where we believe that nothing on earth seems to be in our favour; a position we are so convinced about that no one else can help, and no other remedy can be found.

Our guests Daniel and Elisha share their experience during that time of their lives and how an encounter with a God they find real was just what they needed to make them feel better.


If you are in distress or you need help, please contact:
Befrienders – +603-7956 8145
University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC) – +603-7841 4000

Your local Klinik Kesihatan or Family Medicine Specialist Clinic

University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM)
Psychiatry Clinic Walk-in (Monday-Friday)

Any private clinic or hospital

For more information, go to

If you are impacted by this series or have any feedback, please let us know at

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